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Wellbeing at Foster's

Wellbeing at Foster's 


Wellbeing is a priority for us here at Foster's Primary School. We are aware that a positive mindset and feeling of wellbeing is crucial to learning, achieving and developing relationships. At Foster's we strive to ensure that children feel valued and listened to and understand how important wellbeing is for both children and staff. Our values are at the heart of everything we do. 


Lead Staff Members

Mr Hemley: Head Teacher and Safeguarding Lead

Mr Elliott-  Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Hollie Shuttleworth: Family Liaison Officer 

Miss Smith - Senior Mental Health Lead




At our school, we: 

  • Allow children opportunities to talk and be listened to
  • Help children understand their emotions better through discussions in PHSE or with other adults, if needed
  • Promote self-esteem and feelings of self-worth
  • Encourage children to speak out and ensure their voices are listened to
  • Encourage children to be confidence and resilient 
  • Support children when they need help or advice 




Support available for wellbeing


Universal Support - This is everyday, whole school, support which is available to every child. We have regular SMSC lessons which provide opportunities to talk about our values, feelings and sensitive topics. Classes have quiet areas in, so children can sit and reflect and take time to process any big feelings. We have an additional area within the school which children can access whenever they feel overwhelmed or worried. 


Peer Support - We have Wellbeing Champions in the school who have had training in supporting their peers. They act as mentors to younger children though listening and being positive role models. 


Additional Support - Some children may benefit from adult-led interventions such as our Friends For Life/Fun Friends Resilience Intervention or emotional wellbeing groups. Others may have regular check-ins with class based TAs.


Targeted Support: Some children may need more 1:1 support, such as draw and talk, or support from our play therapist. This level of support will be organised by the school and parents will be informed and permission will be sought. 


Referrals to outside agencies - Sometimes children need more specialist support than we can offer. In these cases, we refer to outside agencies (with parental/carer consent) such as CHEWS (Community Health and Wellbeing Service) and CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service). 


For further Mental Health support, you may find these websites helpful:


Bexley Urgent Mental Health Helpline:

Tel: 0800 330 8590

Bexley Crisis Café