Foster's Primary School and Nursery

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Foster's Educational Foundation

Foster’s Educational Foundation (Charity No. 307641)

Foster’s Foundation Governing Body

Foster’s School have a second set of Governors who are Foundation Governors. They meet separately to discuss charitable works in the area and have strong ties with the main Governing body as they have two representatives on it. Foster’s is fairly unique in that, even though we have Voluntary Controlled status, we are not affiliated to any religious organization.

Mr. Ken Scottow – Chairman

Mr Scott Wilkins

Mr. Ron French

Mrs. Barbara Haddock

Cncllr. Nigel Betts

Mr. Bruce Fletcher

Rev. Peter Organ



Foster’s School was founded in 1727 after a bequest of William Foster, a butler to a family in Croydon, who was born in the Ancient parish of East Wickham. He was unable to read or write so he left money and some land in his will to enable 20 young people in the then Parish of East Wickham, to be educated in “Reading, Writing and Arithmetik”.

The first school was situated on the corner of Berwick road and Upper Wickham Lane. It has moved twice since then and is now situated in Westbrooke Road, Welling.

The Foster’s Educational Foundation owns the school buildings and the School House together with the land upon which they stand. The Foundation rents the School and the House together with the land to the London Borough of Bexley at a Peppercorn Rent, providing the school, house and land are kept fit for the purpose for which they have been provided.

The Foundation has a small income from investment which are used to the benefit of the school.