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BLOG Year 6 Residential Trip 2024

Update: 7:11pm


we are still progressing on the M25 and appear to be past the worst of the traffic. We are still due to arrive back at school at 7:45pm and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Estimated arrival back at school is now 19:50 due to traffic. Some children having a little snack catching flies to pass the time

We have just arrived back on the mainland and have started our journey back to Foster’s. Our current ETA is 7.45pm. We will keep you updated as to how we progress.

We finished our week with a survival activity making our own shelter and how to light a fire! We showed great teamwork and resilience!

For our final morning, we learned some survival skills in the wild and climbed to the top to finish the day!

For our last two activities, we did the giant swing, which they loved. We finished with learning survival skills by building shelters and dens.

For our final activity at PGL we did the giant swing! This was so much fun and the children really pushed themselves.

For our last activities, we had fun on the giant swing and then applied our survival skills by building shelters and dens!

This morning we had survival! Working hard as a team, we made homes for small animals and also built a shelter.

We enjoyed the climbing wall this morning and really challenged ourselves to reach the top!

Tonight, the children have enjoyed getting ready in their rooms for their disco. They have enjoyed singing and dancing altogether for their last evening!

Some of the children today went to the beach to ride the waves in their canoes 🛶

This afternoon, the children enjoyed learning how to fence and competing in a tournament! We then moved on to our next activity which was climbing. Everyone was so brave and gave it a go!

We enjoyed abseiling this afternoon and did our best mission impossible impressions lowering ourselves down the wall!

This afternoon, we have had climbing and fencing. The children have enjoyed these new activities.