Foster's Primary School and Nursery

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Late/Absence Procedure



It is essential that all children attend school regularly and arrive on time. If a child is unwell and unable to attend school, parents must advise the school by leaving a message on the Absence line on the first day of absence. Foster's school operates a ‘contact on the first day of absence’ policy and will telephone you at home if we do not know why your child is absent.

The school strongly discourages parents from taking pupils on holiday during term time because it is extremely difficult for them to catch up on teaching and learning missed.

The school will not be authorising any leave of absence in term-time except for “exceptional” circumstances.

Any unavoidable leave of absence must be requested in advance. It is particularly unwise for parents to consider removing pupils from school during test periods usually in May and October. September is also a time when children need to be in school to settle into their new classes.

The Educational Welfare Officer monitors the school’s attendance registers on a regular basis and children with poor attendance are referred. Parents will be invited to Attendance Surgeries where there are real concerns.

Children will not be allowed to leave the school during the school day unless collected by an adult who has given prior notification  and the reason for the collection to the School Office.