Foster's Primary School and Nursery

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Pupil Voice In Class

Pupil Voice is very important to us at Foster’s.

In each class, you will see one these tools to help boost pupil voice:


Each pupil has a laminated name or named peg which starts each day on Bing Bong (in the middle). If they are happy or excited about something they can move their name to Joy (left). If they are sad or worried, they can move their name to Sadness (right). An adult will then find a quiet moment in the day to have a 1:1 chat with any pupil who had moved their name.


Bubble Time is another useful resource. Similarly, everyone’s name starts off on the “I am feeling happy” sign, then they can move their name to “Bubble Time” when they have something to share with an adult.



A Think Box is a more anonymous way of sharing feelings and only requires a box and a few pieces of paper. Pupils can note a success, a worry or a suggestion that they want staff to know about.