Foster's Primary School and Nursery

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"... I would like to take the opportunity to thank your amazing Teachers ... for making the online learning so much fun and keeping the children engaged (which is no easy task !!!!!).Every week day [the children] are at the table before 9am waiting to learn.I feel this is due to the dedication,hardwork and great sense of humour of your staff. The children’s faces light up when they see their Teacher and I often hear them have a giggle whilst learning. I feel if a child is happy they will learn and your school has definitely achieved that. So could you please say a big thank you to all the staff involved and for taking the pressure off us ..." 



"As we approach our last day of virtual learning ( fingers crossed )  we would just like to say a massive thank you to all the team at Fosters , we certainly couldn’t have done it without all the hard work, help , support , positivity from you all . You have made it all achievable and a lot of time, fun .

Thank you all so much ."



“ Home schooling was really quite a daunting thought for me at first, due to my ever demanding work commitments and worries with juggling the two, but [the teacher]  and Fosters have made this experience the best they can, in turn making it easier for me to continue to work without worrying that my child is not coping or struggling with her work.”



“I just wanted to say what an amazing job you and your staff are doing for our children.

The teachers are doing such a fab job via the live lessons. It has really helped homeschooling this time round. “



“I just wanted to say how brilliant the online teaching has been so far, thank you! [My child] is really enjoying it and finding it lots of fun. It’s great for them to have a structured routine each day, with variety. We are really impressed and appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. “




“I think the way you have handled this pandemic has been amazing. Your communications home are always on key, very supportive and reassuring. I feel it is really important to feedback especially during these unusual times. Credit where credit is due, Fosters have adapted to the current climate using modern technology so our children do not miss out. I think this is to be recognised, teachers are not taught to teach online yet the professionalism they display really is a credit to the school. “



“Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the teachers for doing such a fantastic job with the virtual learning. Yes, it’s very trying and we are not always getting it right and we are all doing our best but it is thanks to the fantastic teachers we are getting through this time, their support teaching understanding and positivity is outstanding and as parents / non teachers we couldn’t do it without them.

Thank you to all the team at Fosters for their continuing support.”



“ Google Meet provides excellent means to daily interaction and can be looked at as an option much closer to going to school physically. These are so much better as compared to the first lockdown in terms of children getting to interact with teachers and most importantly, any queries in lessons being addressed immediately. [My child] has good understanding of the lessons. The new format of separate class meets is super - even better communication!

It's also commendable how the homework is checked on a daily basis and the comments have always been so encouraging; [My child] is always smiling when she reads one! 

We feel extremely proud of the fact that Foster's is one of the schools in the area facilitating live sessions. It says so much about the planning and dedication that is put in for the betterment of children's learning!

Teachers and school staff are real heroes in theses unprecedented times! Kudos, Hats off and Thanks a Million!”



“  I Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for all the work that has gone into the set of this terms online learning (and indeed the support throughout the whole of this pandemic to be fair)

 The new Set up has made [my children] so much more engaged. (not to mention actually slightly easier for us parents that are having to work at the same time!)



“ I just wanted to say how thankful I am on you introducing google meet. 

[My child] was very upset at the prospect of home schooling. But on starting her lessons both my husband and I noticed how happy she was to be able to see and interact with both her teacher and school friends, eagerly sitting at the computer ready for the day to begin.”



“Just a quick email to say thank you for all the hard work that has gone into setting up all the active lessons. It is so much appreciated. 

[My child] has taken to the home schooling so much better this time and is enjoying seeing [the teacher] and his class and completing his work much easier. It is also a lot less stressful for  me.”



“I just wanted to say how your staff have made my children’s week! … This new system works very well and makes home-schooling more enjoyable for all of us.”



“ … we wanted to send a note of praise for the teachers and support staff ….

We have found that their professionalism, dedication and passion for teaching has been outstanding and helped us to make the situation that much more “Normal”. We cannot praise them enough!

Thanks for all your hard work and ongoing efforts – we REALLY appreciate it !!! “