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Year 4 Trip to Kingswood (2017)

End of Day 2!


So ends our second day of our Kingswood adventure. To say that it has been tiring would be an understatement! As we fall sound asleep in our rooms, we would like to show you a glimpse of the excitement we have experienced today!


After a hearty breakfast (or three for some people) we set our sights on the activities we would be doing throughout the day. 


The activities we enjoyed really showed us how to escape our comfort zones. Whether this was conquering a fear of heights or crawling along the mud, we all gave our best. 



No matter the challenge and no matter what time of day, we all rose to the challenges as a team. I think we can all agree that our experiences at Kingswood have shown us the value of team-work, and the importance of our friends. 

We have quickly become a stronger year group, better friends and a closer family. 


Bring on tomorrow. 


Year 4 Pioneers

End of Day 1!

We have arrived safe and sound and everyone is tucked up in their beds! Let's reflect on the first day of our Kingswood adventure!


After our departure from school we found ourselves zooming towards our destination, full of excitement and joy!



Once we arrived, we made our beds and prepared for dinner. A wonderful dinner filled us up nicely, ready for our first activities as the sun went down! 




Activities in the dark can be extremely fun and very tiring!

I think it's safe to say we have all had a wonderful first day at Kingswood.

Bring on tomorrow for more excitement!


Year 4 Adventurers. 


Nearly time to go! Don't forget your suitcase on Monday!